An Online Patient Simulator.

Changing the world of simulation training.
Built by Tom Johnson

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Improve Skills

Expand healthcare professionals capabilities and embed good practises through online simulation.

Practise Anywhere

Hospital, universities, home - if you can open a web browser you can use simulation to learn.

Build Your Own

Use the built-in PatientSim builder to create new simulations of your own!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PatientSim?

PatientSim is an online patient simulator platform. It runs completely inside your web browser to allow you to learn through simulation over the internet.

How does it work?

PatientSim is based on new HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery frameworks - allowing immersive animations and sound within the simulator. The same technologies have allowed us to create an intuitive builder system.

Can I track my learning?

Yes. The simulator keeps track of all of your actions within the simulator. You can view all your historical performance and compare yourself to other users of PatientSim. Institutions can view their users' performance and compare it to the institution as a whole and the PatientSim userbase as a whole.

Where might I have seen the simulator before?

We were initially invited to present our proof-of-concept simulation at the Northeast Simulation Network Conference in September 2016. We also presented a poster there illustrating that we were able to improve familiarity with the Sepsis Six and simulation in general in final year medical students. Following a fantastic reception to the inital concept, we developed the simulator significantly and will be presenting it again at the MedX Conference in California at the end of April 2017 where Jonny's presentation will be streamed worldwide!

Who is it for?

PatientSim is designed for all healthcare professionals. The interface is customisable to ensure it fits in with the common practices of each particular group. From finding your patients glasses to giving Amiodarone, actions inside the simulator can be made appropriate.

What can I do in the simulator?

In short, anything you like! Within the simulator there is a drugs library and pre-built actions such as giving oxygen or IV fluids. Alongside that you can add actions of your own that can have all manner of outcomes.

Can I make my own simulations?

Yes! There is a fully-functional builder within PatientSim that allows you to create immersive online simulations of your own. Perhaps you have an interest in a particular condition, or you want to create revision resources for your friends - PatientSim allows you to do this.

Can we use this in our institution?

Yes! PatientSim will work fantastically alongside more traditional ways of learning - augmenting classroom and ward teaching with online resources as well as providing additional simulation resources that don't require large amounts of trained faculty. Institution licenses allow organsations to have accounts for each of their employees or students, manage their own userbase and create private simulations that only they can see and use. This creates the opportunity to easily target their specific learning requirements on a large scale in a more cost-efficient way.

Why did you build PatientSim?

Firstly, we have long felt there is a big gulf between the click-next e-learning packages and the world of interactive simulation. With web browser technology improving, now is the perfect time to pull together the best of both worlds - the scalability of e-learning with the proven improved learning that occurs with simulation. PatientSim gives a simulation experience that provides better learning than e-learning and less cost than full-blown simulation.

Secondly, and perhaps more simply, we've built it because we can.

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